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Holidays in Malta
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Click on picture to enlarge   Malta is a somewhat forgotten destination for the British tourist, yet can offer so much.
You may hear people say of Malta - there aren't many sandy beaches, it's very small. These are true, but many who visit fall in love with its unique culture, its flavours and smells. You either love it or hate it - but those who love it come here again and again to enjoy its rich tapestry of cultures and traditions from many different lands including Britain, Italy and Africa. All these cultures have influenced the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of this island, from its megalithic temples and Roman mosaics, to its red pillar-boxes and excellent pizzerias. And all this in a climate similar to Greece or southern Italy.
It's true - there are few sandy beaches, (although the huge sandy bay at Melliha is excellent especially for families with young children) but Malta is said to have the clearest water in the Med - ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving in its secluded rocky coves. It may be small, but it's packed with historical and archaeological treasures.
Visit the impressive Valletta - home of the order of the Knights of St John with its medieval fortress and ramparts - see the work of Caraveggio in St John's Cathedral. With its crystal blue waters and clear sunny skies - Malta is popular with film producers - both Gladiator and Troy had scenes shot here. There is also Popeye Village which is great for kids where the Popeye movie was shot. Take a drive along the winding roads through the sun-baked countryside dotted with poppies and wild orchids, olive groves and fig trees, the gentle fragrance of coriander and thyme, or along the coast past the panoramic bays and rocky coves, ancient harbours and fishing villages.
There is the usual array of nightlife, which can be found in any Mediterranean resort including discos, bars, casinos and clubs. However, why not take an evening stroll along the sea front promenades and watch as the Maltese people enjoy their Saturday nights under the moon - traditional dancing, the sound of laughter, and local bands - plenty of excellent Maltese wine - a family occasion - why not join in? If you enjoy that, you will love the village fiestas that go on throughout the summer always ending in a breath-taking firework display.
There are many local delicacies unique to Malta. Being an island, seafood is high on the menu, fresh fish and prawns, squid and octopus abound. Located so close to Italy there is of course a strong Italian influence so pizzas, pasta ice cream and cappuccino can be found everywhere. And if you prefer to cook yourself why not haggle with the locals in the lively fishing markets with produce fresh from the Mediterranean sea, which is ideal for the barbeque.
If you still need some convincing - have a look at the sunshine record (please click here) - an average of 5-6 hours sunshine even mid-winter - ideal for a holiday throughout the year! And in the summer 11-12 hours a day!! Alll that sunshine produces excellent grapes - Maltese wine is another well-kept secret, full of lush fruit and flavour (and extremely cheap!). Enjoy a glass of chilled Maltese Rose as you watch the sun go down from your balcony.
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