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Subscription 2019
Please contact us for further details regarding prices and delivery

You can also order any edition from Russia (books, newspapers and magazines) without subscribing (one-off order), however the price might be higher and delivery takes longer

The prices include postage and packaging. However delivery is usually not that quick - from approximately two to four weeks. The more items you order (up to two kilogrammes at a time) - the cheaper they become for you, due to the cost of delivery

Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Subscription to any edition can be made for any period (minimum one month). Your newspaper or magazine will be delivered to your address. The cost of packaging and postage by air mail is included in the price of subscription. There are several newspapers from the "AIF Family" available for subscription, such as "Argumenty I Fakty" International Edition (AIF), AIF Zdorovie, etc.

The newspaper "AIF" - International Edition includes a free supplement: "AIF Europe". Subscription orders and payment must be received before the 15th of the month preceding the starting month of subscription.

Subscription orders and payment should be received 20 days before the 1st of the starting month of subscription for newspapers and 30 days before the 1st of the starting month of subscription for magazines. Prices in GB pounds can be sent upon request. More than 2000 titles available for delivery in the UK.

and many many more...

In your message please state the title of edition, quantity, name, address and length of subscription.

You will be given an invoice with the price and dates of subscription.

Enjoy the Russian press in Great Britain!

Security And Privacy Statement

Security and privacy are of the highest priority for us and we take every effort to ensure the information you provide us is kept both secure and strictly confidential. We fully respect the privacy of our customers' information. Any information you provide us with is kept private, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and not disclosed to any third parties apart from the newspaper or magazine supplier to fulfil the relevant order.

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