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Open World UK offers a subscription service for newspapers, magazines and periodicals from Russia and the former Soviet Union Republics. Subscription catalogues consist of editions in the field of science, business, management, literature, linguistics, computers, engineering, transport, medicine, foreign affairs, metallurgy, leisure and entertainment, politics, education, electronics, sociology and psychology, sport, tourism, construction and architecture, philosophy and religion, oil industry, ecology, economics and statistics, energy, etc. (more than 2000 titles in total).
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Консультации по вопросам образования
Russian Books, Newspapers and Magazines
Консультации по вопросам образования
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Educational Consultancy Консультации по вопросам образования

Open World UK is a British Company based in the south of England in Hampshire, near the city of Portsmouth. We provide the following services: English Language placement in the UK at approved English Language Schools and Universities; English Language Tuition and Test Preparation; Educational Consultancy (providing advice and counselling to prospective students for UK Higher Education); Russian Books, Periodicals, Newspapers, Magazines and Comics orders and subscription


Higher Education - under-graduate and post-graduate and International Foundation Year

Summer Courses for Young Learners (8 - 17 years old)

General English (min age - 18 years old) - Courses / Accommodation 1 - 2 / Homestay and Transfers

Choosing the right course Английский в Англии и на Мальте  
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